Caitlin and Abigail Mills: Hazelwood Girl Scouts Bring Cookie Case to Court


Judge Richard Bresnahan yesterday agreed to hear the case of Caitlin and Abigail Mills, the Hazelwood Girl Scouts who were told by that city that they couldn't sell Girl Scout cookies from a front-yard stand. 

Dave Roland, the Mills sisters' attorney, has challenged Hazelwood's ruling that the girls need a permit to sell the cookies. Hazelwood contends any home business, even a cookie stand, needs to follow the zoning ordinances to ensure there are no traffic backups in residential neighborhoods. Because apparently, the girls were so successful that they were backing up traffic in their neighborhood.
No, wait. My mistake. They didn't cause a traffic seizure at all. Hazelwood spokesman Tim Davidson said back in March of 2011 when the case broke that "The high-volume people that came by to either buy or pick up their cookies caused some dogs to bark." Yeah, quashing the sale of Girl Scout cookies is gonna stop dogs from barking.