Win Suite Tickets to the MVC Women's Basketball Championship


This is not a clue -- or is it?
  • This is not a clue -- or is it?
Folks, I have bundles of tickets to give away to this year's State Farm MVC Women's Basketball Championship, which takes place Thursday through Sunday (March 8 to 11) at the Family Arena. In fact, you'll be competing for tickets to a 12-seat suite, and they come with three VIP parking passes.

So how can you win your twelve-pack of tickets?
First, here's the standard statement of the rules for this contest.

1. YOU MUST LEAVE SOME SORT OF CONTACT INFO WITH YOUR COMMENT. Either a working, frequently-checked email address, a Twitter handle or an actual phone number are the ideal means of contact.
2. You must be able to pick up the tickets at the RFT offices.
3. First correct answer wins 12 tickets and the VIP parking passes, with the order of the comments determining the winner if two people answer at the same time.

All right. For this set of 12 tickets good for the opening round session at 4:05 p.m. Thursday, March 8 , please tell me: Which two teams -- both school names, please -- played in the 2011 MVC Women's Championship game?