Kendra Holliday, aka The Beautiful Kind, on Proposed Strip Club Tax: "Unfair Bullsh*t"


Kendra Holliday (or TBK) thinks strip club tax is bogus; do you? - PHOTO BY JENNIFER SILVERBERG
  • Photo by Jennifer Silverberg
  • Kendra Holliday (or TBK) thinks strip club tax is bogus; do you?
When Daily RFT first heard about the "strip club tax" proposed in Illinois, we knew we had to ask the local sex blogger Kendra Holliday (a.k.a. The Beautiful Kind) for her two cents, because

(a) This is totally her wheelhouse, and

(b) We had no idea what she would say.

The legislation in question would charge strip club patrons a five-dollar admissions tax, which would then help fund aid to victims of sexual assault.

Holliday is a staunch advocate of sex-positivity. She doesn't see strip clubs as evil places. However, she herself has been raped, is (like most people) very anti-rape and recently did a podcast on how to prevent it.  So where will her sympathies lie?

We e-mailed her last week and she finally got back to us Tuesday:
I think it's unfair bullshit and sex-negative. It makes no sense to connect strip club patrons with rape and domestic violence. For the most part, strip club patrons are gentle souls who worship women, so why should they have to help foot the bill that's trying to undo the damage of assault?

I hate to point it out, but more people commit crimes under the influence of alcohol, so it would make more sense to charge every person - man or woman - $5 entry fee to liquor stores. I say man or woman because I'm a feminist and it takes two to tango.

But I should also point out that if the guys do have to pay $5 to enter a strip club, it might put a damper on business but it won't put them out of business. The owners will probably increase the amount the women have to tip out to work there, which would suck.
Thanks, Kendra.

(Although, if you think a strip club tax gets people hot and bothered, we invite you to imagine the frenzy of pitchforks on Metro East streets after a five-dollar booze tax is levied. Sauget alone would secede from the union.)