Kaitlin T. Norton: Teen Mother of Baby Abandoned in Ellisville is Charged


Kaitlin Norton
  • Kaitlin Norton
Kaitlin T. Norton, 19, has been identified as the mother of the newborn boy found wrapped in a damp blanket on an Ellisville woman's lawn February 16. Norton was charged yesterday with felony counts of child endangerment and child abandonment.

Her attorney, Andy Leonard, says that she kept her pregnancy secret from her family and the family of her boyfriend, an unidentified student away at college. Norton's clothing choices and "body style" reportedly enabled her to conceal that she was with child. 

Once she delivered the child --  known now as "Baby Norton -- she panicked and decided to abandon the baby somewhere he would be quickly found. She chose the side yard of Betty Crowder, a neighbor who lives barely a block from the boyfriend's parents' home, where Norton had given birth in the basement.

Crowder thought someone had deposited puppies under a blanket and called police. Norton continues to cooperate with authorities. Baby Norton is in state custody, and it has yet to be determined if the boy's father will claim custody.