Strippers Take His Credit Card, Give Themselves Big Tip


Two dancers at C-Mowes in Washington Park got a drunk club patron's credit card and pin number and then used the card to tip themselves $500.

Tanya L. Bagwell, 34, and Samantha L. Metz, 24, both are charged with one count of theft over $500. Bagwell was the one who watched him punch in his pin and withdraw the money, then got the card away from him somehow. One assumes the dude gave that info up to a naked lady pretty easily. The unnamed man in this equation presumably faces much more serious charges from the wife, once she sees this month's credit card bill.

Bagwell is still in jail, while Metz posted the ten percent bail to get herself out of jail. Perhaps all the officers in the St. Clair County Jail should check their wallets this morning ...