Woman Gets Herself Arrested In Order to Find a Ride to St. Louis


"Emergency! I need a ride." - IMAGE VIA
If you've got a court date in St. Charles, but you're 3.5 hours away without a ride, one option is public transportation. Another is hitchhiking.

Yesterday, 22-year-old Emily Troncoso of Kirksville hatched the ingenious plan of getting herself arrested - on purpose - in order to be transferred there, free of charge.

In the wee hours of Wednesday morning, she dialed 911 no fewer than 13 times in 24 minutes, demanding that cops come and take her into custody for misusing the emergency line.

According to the Kirksville Daily Express, they obliged her. Of course, now she faces a max sentence of six months behind bars and a $500 fine.

The court date in St. Charles she so desperately needed to attend was a probation hearing. Sounds like probation isn't going that well so far.