Westboro Baptist Church To Raise Funds for LGBT Equality


Students can purchase and wear these shirts on Monday.
  • Students can purchase and wear these shirts on Monday.
As reported earlier, the Westboro Baptist Church has scheduled a protest at Clayton High School on Monday, February 6. The WBC wants to publicly denounce the students and faculty for their inclusiveness and tolerance of others -- because they're dicks, you see -- and also because when the WBC do stuff like this it garners them media attention. They're such needy attention whores, aren't they?

Clayton High School intends to take the high road and treat this as a learning experience for the students. And if the idea of education was not already anathema to the hateful pricks, the WBC's protest will in fact raise funds for both the Gay-Straight Alliance and for Growing American Youth.

Ladies and gentlemen, that's how you rub shit in someone's nose while maintaining your own dignity.

The school's Gay Straight Alliance will have a booth set up the morning of the protest so that supporters can donate to the cause. Additionally, a Phelps-A-Thon -- named in honor of the WBC's chief dipshit, Fred Phelps -- has been organized online for those who don't attend the protest but do want to support the students. The Phelps-A-Thon allows you to pledge money for each minute the group protests, or you can donate a flat rate; donations from this will be given to Growing American Youth and the Human Rights Campaign.

CHS has a very informative web site up with details of the protest here, with guidelines for signs and t-shirts for all participants. Please note that the official theme of CHS' response is "Love Conquers Hate," and that the Gay-Straight Alliance requests that everyone "be respectful and mindful of the decisions that CHS students are making as they plan this event."

That's a very mature and civil response to the situation. It should thoroughly confuse the Westboro Baptist Church, who don't seem to be familiar with either concept.