Skip Schumaker's Baseball Card Is Nuts, But Not The Worst Ever


  • (c) Topps Inc.
Topps is just screwing with Cardinals fans now. According to Rick Chandler at Off The Bench, Skip Schumaker's baseball card in the forthcoming Topps' Series 1 features Schumaker's right ankle only, with most of the card given over to the Rally Squirrel.

A spokesman for Topps said the company thought it would be a "fun way to pay tribute to the Cardinals World Series run." Further investigation reveals that this is a variant card, which means that there's a legitimate Schumaker card in the series also -- but people would rather talk about the squirrel than Schumaker. Somewhere, Aaron Schafer nods approvingly.

Still, this is not the worst Cardinals baseball card ever released. That honor still rests with Fleer's 94 Pro Visions card for Ozzie Smith, posted below.