St. Louis: 8th Drunkest City


St. Louis has made yet another ranking in the Daily Beast, this one for Drunkest Cities in America. According to the list makers at the online magazine, metro St. Louis ranks as the 8th drunkest city in all the land -- nestled between No. 9 San Diego and No. 7 Austin.

And why is that? Because research indicates that the average person around here consumes 14.4 drinks per month. Moreover, 6.1 percent of us are what the Center for Disease Control considers to be "heavy drinkers." Eighteen percent of us binge drink.

Frankly, I'm a bit disappointed. You'd think that the city with one of the world's largest breweries (Anheuser Busch) would be No. 1 in the rankings. But, nooo. That title went to Boston. Milwaukee (that other "beer city") came in third.