Look! Sarah Palin Is Naked!


There once was a mayor from Wasilla...
  • There once was a mayor from Wasilla...

Did that headline get your attention? Love Sarah Palin or loathe her, you just can't seem to look away. You're as obsessed as a post-Mariah-Carey Eminem!

So that oughtta make today's Daily RFT contest right up your alley. We're giving away an entire suite of seats for tomorrow's event at the Family Arena in St. Charles featuring Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin. That's twelve seats, plus two VIP parking passes. And we're giving all twelve tickets + the passes to the one reader who, in our estimation, best completes this limerick: There once was a mayor from Wasilla....

Leave your limerick in the comment section below before 4 p.m. today, as well as a way to contact you (Facebook, email, Twitter). We'll notify a winner by 4:30 p.m. -- you'll need to be able to pick up your tickets at the RFT office some time before 5:30 p.m. tomorrow.

And while you might think you need to mock the former Alaska governor to win, au contraire. Our judges' panel contains both Palin lovers and Palin haters (yes, the RFT is that rare alt-weekly with a Palin lover on retainer). Regardless of whether you dream of getting your Glen Rice on or fantasize about pulling a Sara Jane Moore, if your limerick is good, we'll hook you up. So get writing!

UPDATE: We have a winner! See our follow-up post for the winning poem, as well as a runner-up.