Jessie HarlaQuinn Will Get You Motivated



Jessie HarlaQuinn, 26 Texas Avenue, near Utah Street


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I've never heard of a last name with two capital letters like that. It came from my dad. When he moved from Texas to Wisconsin he changed his name to HarlaQuinn and had fun with the letters. He never told us his real name.


What's he got against his real name? I think he just didn't want to associate with the family. He's kind of eccentric. He used to make sci-fi action films and give motivational speeches. Now he's building birdhouses.

What's the most motivational thing he ever taught you? [Laughs.] Well, he told me I could be President a lot. And he said I should try to become an astronaut.

Did you ever try and follow his advice? I never became an astronaut, but I did fall in love with Star Trek. And X-Files.

I notice you're wearing a motivational button. Is that because of the motivational talks your dad gave you? [Laughs.] Yeah, it says "I went the extra step!" I actually got it from my boyfriend. So I guess he took the extra step. I just got the button.

What do you do? I'm an artist. I paint and do fiber art.

When did you come over to St. Louis from Wisconsin? A couple of months ago. I really love it. There's a lot of opportunity for artistic growth.