"Security Concerns" Force US Airways Flight to Land in St. Louis


A US Airways flight form New York to Phoenix this morning made an unexpected stop at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport.

Jeff Lea, spokesman for the airport, tells Daily RFT that the plane landed at 7:50 a.m. because of a "security-related concern." Passengers were taken off the plane. An investigation is ongoing.

Meanwhile, NBC quotes a TSA official who said the plan landed when the flight crew became concerned about three people acting suspiciously aboard the flight.

The incident is the second time in three days that officials at Lambert have evacuated a plane and re-screened passengers. On Sunday night passengers were forced off a United Airlines flight that had yet to take off for Washington, D.C. Travelers on board that plane say they were told that two men on the flight claimed to be federal air marshals but didn't have identification. United Airlines claims that a clogged toilet returned the plane to the gate.