Illinois City Wants to Ban "Tacky" Sales Method


See! Now this is what we're talking about!
  • See! Now this is what we're talking about!
You could say it's a "sign of the times" or more proof that some cities just don't have enough real problems to address.

This month in Fairview Heights, Illinois, members of the city council will consider a bill that would ban the sale of personal vehicles in the city's commercial districts. According to the town's planning department, some resident have complained about seeing cars, trucks and boats sitting in parking lots with handmade "For Sale" signs posted onto the vehicles.

"Tacky" is the word some people have used to describe the vehicles up for sale along the town's main commercial drag.

Amber G. Miller, the city's director of land use and development, tells the Belleville News-Democrat that people have complained that the items for sale detract from the city's professional business demeanor and make it look like an "old car lot."

Council members aren't necessarily in agreement. Last night they sent the proposed ordinance back to committee to "iron out" a few issues. The bill will be heard at another meeting later this month.

In the meantime, several business owners in Fairview Heights say it's well within their rights to let people showcase used vehicles on their parking lots. The city has somewhat similar restrictions in residential neighborhoods where residents can't park their jalopies on the front lawn with a "For Sale" sign taped to the windshield.