Five Incredible Voltron References


Too late, haters: Voltron, a St. Louis creation, has irreversibly seeped into pop culture (so much so, RFT just published a feature on it). We've mined the interwebs, and now present to you the very best references to Voltron unearthed so far.

5. The Voltron Kitten Meme
Like any meme, it's better left unexplained.

4. Murphy Lee's "Voltron 101"
High as a space kite, the St. Lunatic explains how his posse is like Voltron. KnowuddImsayin'?

3. Voltron Girl
It was her dad's idea. Wonder how she'll feel about it when she gets to high school.


2. Jimmy Kimmel announces "President Voltron"

1. Voltron breakdance-off on Adult Swim's Robot Chicken