Bizarre Allegations of Abuse at Missouri School District That Banned Books


No dark sarcasm in the classroom...
  • No dark sarcasm in the classroom...
The Republic School District in southwest Missouri made national headlines this summer when it banned its school libraries from carrying Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five and Sarah Ockler's Twenty Boy Summer because the novels were considered too offensive for children.

Well, how's this for offensive?

This month the district was sued on charges that it allowed a female student with special needs to be repeatedly raped while attending its middle school. When the girl complained, she was allegedly forced to write a letter apologizing to the boy who assaulted her and expelled for filing a false report.

The girl was allowed to return the next year and was allegedly raped again by the same boy, who supposedly dragged her into the school's library to commit the deed. (No irony at all in the district overlooking allegations of rape in its library while not permitting classic works of literature like Slaughterhouse Five.) Again the school dismissed her claims. Only this time she had DNA evidence inside her that led to an arrest.

But wait, it gets worse!

Now a second special needs child has come forward claiming that he was abused inside school. His claim?

That his teacher hit him in the head with a taco! The boy had to take lettuce out of his ear before going to the school nurse, his grandmother claims.

The school district, btw, has denied any wrongdoing in both allegations of abuse.