Hali Ballantyne Needs Another Redhead



Hali Ballantyne, 18 Webster University, main campus


​In an effort to celebrate the people who keep our city interesting, Daily RFT is launching a new weekly blog post, "Bold Types," featuring photos and street interviews with the fashionistas, fresh faces and free spirits of our town.

Back to school? I came back at the end of July for training to be an R.A., so I've been here for while.

Aren't R.A.s the ones students are supposed to hate? Nobody hates me! At least I don't think.

Well it's only been a week. That's true.


What did you do on your summer vacation? I'm from Connecticut, so I went back there, worked a couple jobs and just hung out with friends I haven't seen in a while.

What's a yankee like you doing in the Midwest? My stepdad transferred here when I was in seventh grade, so I stayed for college, even though my parents are back in Connecticut now.

So you fell in love with St. Louis? I wouldn't say fell in love as much as I wasn't ready to leave.

How do you like being a freckle-face? I love it! I think my freckles are really cute.

I heard that red-headed kids are going to be obsolete in 40 years. True? Rumor has it that we're only like four percent of the population, so it wouldn't surprise me because it's a recessive gene. But then again, we always have the option to pop back up because we're always going to be in the gene pool.

That's true. So would you rather have lots of fellow redheads in the world? I like being one of the few, but I don't want to be the only one.

What's your major? Photography. I'm looking into fashion photography, but maybe photojournalism or fine arts.

Well, in four years, you can come work for the RFT. Perfect.