Shawn Morgan: Suspect in Breeann Rodriguez Murder Made Terrorist Threat in Past


Shawn Morgan
  • Shawn Morgan
New information surfaced today about the Missouri man who has confessed to the grisly murder last week of three-year-old Breeann Rodriguez.

As the AP reports, Morgan pleaded guilty in 2004 to a misdemeanor terrorist threat. The incident occurred in 2002 when Morgan was working in an Arkansas factory. Morgan left a note in the bathroom, reading: "Notice if Eddie, Britt, Amy, & Gary B. aren't fire soon I will leave a bomb and blow everybody up I'm not joking Take me seriosly (sic)." Two days later, another note in the restroom read, "Bomb baby boom."

On Wednesday authorities found Breeann's remains near the site where Morgan said he disposed of the body after strangling the girl with a plastic garbage bag.