Peter Kinder Parties It Up w/ Unidentified Friend -- Photo of the Day


Peter Kinder looks a little flushed, don't you think?
  • Peter Kinder looks a little flushed, don't you think?
That Peter Kinder! It's not every man who can walk that fine line between Tea Party favorite and party animal. But our arch-conservative lieutenant governor is known to enjoy the comforts of a fine hotel on the taxpayer's dime -- he managed to ring up $54,000 in bills at the Chase Park Plaza and the Four Seasons, at least until the newspapers cried foul and he agreed to repay the dough. Gossip in the Central West End has it that the never-married Kinder is a frequent visitor to the neighborhood's numerous watering holes.

And he doesn't mind mingling with the hoi polloi! See the above photo as evidence. Doesn't it look like Peter's having fun?

BTW, we hear this photo's been making the rounds. Some people are even using it to question Kinder's political judgment.

But since when is it wrong for a politician to press the flesh in bars? Dude's running for governor -- every vote counts!

UPDATE: RFT readers are the best -- they IDed the bar in question as Verlin's, and other sources are now confirming that's correct. Check out the latest in the story here.