Darnell Glover: St. Louis Homicide No. 77; Killed in Drive By with Assault Rifle


Darnell Glover was standing on a front porch in the 5400 block of Genevieve Street (below) in the city's Walnut Park East neighborhood when he was shot dead Saturday night. The drive-by also sent a 31-year-old mother and her five-year-old daughter to the hospital.

Shortly before the shooting, Glover and others were involved in an argument at a neighborhood convenience store, according to police. The suspects then trailed Glover in a Pontiac Grand Prix and opened fire with an assault rifle as he stood on the porch on Genevieve Street.

The Post-Dispatch reports that the mother was inside the home when she was struck numerous times in the abdomen. She was in serious but stable condition at a hospital. Her five-year-old daughter was hit in the hand and grazed on the chest and is expected to recover.