Awwwh! Saint Louis Zoo Elephant Gives Birth to Baby


  • Katie Pilgram - St. Louis Zoo
The newest addition to the Saint Louis Zoo arrived around 1:15 p.m. Friday when Asian elephant, Rani, gave birth to to the calf pictured above. It's the second baby for the 15-year-old Rani, who birthed her daughter Jade in 2007.

"Mother and baby are bonding very well," said Curator of Mammals Martha Fischer in a statement. "The baby appears healthy and is already walking around."

The zoo has yet to confirm the weight or height of the baby as Rani is being protective of the newborn.

Rani and her 39-year-old mother, Ellie, were both expected to deliver calves this summer, but last July Ellie experienced a miscarriage halfway through her 22-month pregnancy. Both Rani and her mother were impregnated by the zoo's 18-year-old bull, Raja.