Sheriff's Convention This Week Makes St. Louis the "Safest City" in the U.S.?


You! Stop! In the name of the law!
  • You! Stop! In the name of the law!
Never mind the crime statistics and St. Louis' billing as the "Most Dangerous City" in America. For the next three days, St. Louis will be the "Safest City" in the United States, according to St. Louis Sheriff, Jim Murphy.

"No matter where you go, there's law enforcement," Murphy told KSDK. "For right now, it's the safest city in the United States."

That's because the city is playing host to the annual National Sheriffs' Association conference, with some 1,800 sheriffs and thousands of vendors and presenters in town through Wednesday to discuss the latest techniques and technology in law enforcement.

But will their presence really make any of us safer?

Perhaps -- if bad guys are intimidated by men armed with foam fingers and Cardinals bric-a-brac.

"When they (sheriff conventioneers) went to the ballpark, they were buying souvenirs like crazy, so it's really been a big boost," added Murphy.