F-Bombs Get Man Tossed From Plane After KC Wedding


Luckily the attendants on this flight didn't have such virgin ears.
  • Luckily the attendants on this flight didn't have such virgin ears.
A fella flying home to New York City from a wedding in Kansas City says he was ejected from his flight after he complained in a tirade that would earn an R-rating.

The Detroit Free Press reports that Robert Sayegh was on a layover in Detroit, waiting for his flight to take off. He said that, in his frustration at the 45-minute wait for the plane to take off, he dropped two f-bombs. He said the plane left the gate but then returned to the terminal, where he was tossed off.

"I was just kind of talking to the guy sitting next to me," he told the Press. "I said, "What is taking so long?' I said "What the F is going on?'"

He was told that he was being removed for being disruptive, and that a flight attendant had objected to his language.

"The passenger involved was re-accommodated on a later flight," says a spokeswoman for Atlantic Southeast Airlines, Inc. "We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused."

He told the Press that he's not some vicious vulgarian, but added that, in Brooklyn, "We use curse words just like adjectives."

It sounds to us like there's maybe more to the story here. Sayegh called the press himself from his extended layover. He also cops to being hungover but not drunk. We'll keep our fuckin' eyes peeled for more on this story.