What Channel 5 Reporter Ann Rubin Looks Like When She's Terrified


Whoa, Ann! What was that?
  • Whoa, Ann! What was that?
For a while now, Daily RFT has been a genuine fan of KSDK (Channel 5) news reporter Ann Rubin. She gets the story, gets it right, and delivers the goods with no nonsense.

But even the unflappable Rubin can become (very briefly) flapped -- as would you if, during a live report, a screeching car accident erupted RIGHT NEXT TO YOU.

And by the way, here's how badass Ann Rubin is: She sees the accident, assesses it while finishing with her report, tells viewers it's only a fender-bender and nothing serious, then smiles assuringly and sends the camera back to the anchors -- all within about five seconds.

Good work, Ann. Stay out of traffic.