Comment of the Day: Belleville Plan is a Cop Out


Today's comment of the day comes in response to our story about St. Clair County officials and the Belleville Police Department threatening parents with arrest if their kids behave badly. Reader Jeffn9 reacted negatively to another commenter who suggested that it's not the job of the police to, well, police these juvenile delinquents.

Writes Jeffn9:

What is the police's job then, Lolafalana? Last I checked they're supposed to protect us from criminal behavior. Yeah, parents need to supervise their kids but get real, you can't know EXACTLY where a teen is 24 hours of the day. How about this? They go to a friend's house, from there they go to a movie, from there something to eat, from there to another friend's house, etc. This is just another way for police to be lazy and not do anything.