Ryan Theriot's Version of Cardinal Nation


So remember a couple weeks ago, when Ryan Theriot made himself much less popular with the Cardinal fan base (no mean feat for a guy as short, scrappy, and Caucasian as he), by making some comments on a Chicago radio station about the manner of dress enjoyed by the denizens of St. Louis

Well, the good folks from JoeSportsFan have made their own version of the "We Are Cardinal Nation" commercials celebrating Theriot's contribution to the collective spirit of rivalry enjoyed by the two fan bases. 

What's weird is that I'm almost certain I recognize this guy, but then I come up with at least a dozen different options for friends of mine it could be. Oh well. 

My only complaint, really, is those jean shorts aren't cut off nearly as short as they should be. When I wear cutoffs I like people to be able to count the wrinkles in my dick.

Anything less and I feel like I've let the city down.