St. Louis Police Dog Takes Bite Out of Crime in Day Marred by Violence


Or, as was the case last night, several bites.
  • Or, as was the case last night, several bites.
We already told you about the homicide yesterday in St. Louis. Sadly that incident was just one of five separate shootings to occur inside city limits in the past 24 hours.

Perhaps the most sensational of all those occurred around midnight this morning. St. Louis police said an officer responded to a call of "shots fired" near Greer and Rowan in north city and arrived to find a suspect matching the description. Police say that when the officer tried to confront the suspect -- described as a 17-year-old black male -- the man pulled out a gun and pointed at the cop. Fearing for his safety, the police officer fired at the suspect who took off running, returning fire at the officer as he escaped into a wooded area.

Moments later a police dog captured the suspect. Despite suffering multiple dog bites, police say the suspect continued to resist arrest before being placed in custody.

Meanwhile, a victim arrived at and area hospital with a gunshot wound to the face. The victim -- described as a 25-year-old black male -- said he'd been shot on Selber -- a block away from the teenage suspect was first confronted by police. Police believe their suspect shot the victim. An investigation is ongoing.

Here are the three other shootings to occur in the past 24 hours as narrated by police: