Comment of the Day: Is It Okay For Blacks to Have Race-Based Agenda?


Today's comment comes in a response to a post about how four black Missouri legislators lined up with Republicans to override Governor Jay Nixon's veto of the state's new congressional districts.

In voting with the Republicans, the four Democratic defectors ensured that the districts of Missouri's two black congressmen (Emanuel Cleaver and Lacy Clay) remained strong even though it will likely cost Democrats a seat in Congress by eliminating the district of Russ Carnahan.

One of the legislators who sided with the G.O.P., state representative Jamilah Nasheed (D - St. Louis), defended her vote, saying ""I'm black before I'm a Democrat." 
That prompted a frank discussion on the Daily RFT and our Facebook page. Reader Tessa Smith seemed to capture the opinion of several commenters when she wrote on Facebook:
I have seen too many racist statements made by the black race, in a public forum. As if IT'S OKAY for THEM to say them, as if they deserve it. And I feel the U.S. mainly whites, ALLOW it, because they are afraid (with good reason, cuz the playing field ISN'T fair) they will be the ones accused of racism, AND THEY'RE RIGHT! So we as a country, have accepted racism, but only for the black community.