KMOV Puts the "MO" in Missouri


At these they spelled "tornado" properly.
  • At these they spelled "tornado" properly.

Typos: Not only do we all make 'em, but in this age of type-and-publish blog posts, some of us have made more of them than we'd ever be comfortable admitting. When it comes to breaking news, pausing for a spell check has become as archaic as shipping your copy to the printing press.

That said, we couldn't help but laugh at a doozy of a typo that made itself to the website of KMOV-TV (Channel 4) for a few hours yesterday afternoon. The headline mistakenly slapped on this AP story has since been corrected, but an eagle-eyed friend managed to capture a screenshot for your viewing pleasure.

Mossouri? Is that why our state's official abbreviation is "MO"?