Russ Carnahan to Lacy Clay: "[Screw] You"


Carnahan: What the eff did he just say!?
  • Carnahan: What the eff did he just say!?
Russ Carnahan is apparently livid with his fellow St. Louis congressman, Lacy Clay, over redistricting in Missouri.

As recently as April 1, Carnahan and Clay issued a joint press release condemning the plans drawn up by Republicans in Jefferson City to wipe Carnahan's political district off the map. (The Republican-controlled state legislature must eliminate one of Missouri's nine congressional districts following the 2010 census.)

But was Carnahan and Clay's April 1 show of solidarity more like an elaborate April Fools joke?

That's what seems to imply in a report out today. The online site says that Carnahan was recently overheard telling Clay "[screw] you" and sarcastically adding "thanks for your help" after Clay allegedly declined to call Governor Jay Nixon to demand that he veto the proposed congressional map -- which, btw, keeps Clay's district firmly in tact. adds that Clay and Missouri's other Democratic congressman, Emmauel Cleaver of Kansas City, are no longer taking Carnahan's phone calls. Now Carnahan may be forced to run in Todd Akin's decidedly Republican district of west St. Louis County.

In related news, recording artist Cee Lo Green today announced his unequivocal endorsement for Russ Carnahan.

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