Comment of the Day: Hip Hop Will Not Bring Peace to the Middle East


Today's comment comes in response to a post Wednesday in which we revealed how several members of a hip-hop event at Washington University were expelled from the program for having strong ties to Israel and Palestine. Ironically, the hip-hop conference was supposed to bring together Middle Eastern artists for "cross-cultural exchange, dialogue and collaboration."

Our story left commenter Johnathan Galt pleasantly amused:
I'm having a hard time determining why (exactly) I am laughing so hard right now: Is it because some college kids thought that they would be able to bring the Jews and Palestinians to a peaceful understanding or is it because they thought Hip-Hop would be the effective medium? ("Oh, I got it. We will use hip-hop... it is a universal language!)

Ironically, the fallout from this effort is probably the best lesson that these kids will learn at W.U.: While their efforts are/were probably virtuous, no one involved in that dispute cares about their fortunate little asses. They are fighting over a piece of land and they don't care to sip soup at the same table... even if you are allowing them to use your silver spoons.