Comment of the Day: Loop Teens Out of Control


Today's comment comes from the Riverfront Times' Facebook page, where some 20 people commented on our story about Delmar Loop businesses looking to restrict teenagers from congregating in the popular bar and restaurant district.

Writes one of those Facebook commenters, Ellyn Hloben:
I was riding through the loop at 9 pm Saturday and it took us almost one hour to go a few blocks. There were hundreds, maybe thousands of young kids in groups of 20-50+ roaming the streets, blocking traffic, overtaking the sidewalks. Some... of us went online on our phones to see if there was a flash mob planned for the loop because it was surreal. There were police everywhere, and at one point two dozen or more mini motorcycles swarmed and circled a gas station in formations. I have never seen anything like it in over 35 years of being a loop regular. It was chaotic, and unless it changes, nowhere I'd want to revisit!