A Poopy Pants Whodunit: Collinsville Teacher Fired After Fecal Investigation


I did a doodle, teacher! - IMAGE VIA
An elementary school teacher just got kicked out of the classroom for good at Webster Elementary in Collinsville. His crime?

As KTVI Fox2Now tells it, a little stankee-doodle was found on the floor among a half dozen third- and fourth-graders. The teacher decided that whoever had the accident should go to the nurse.

So he had all of them go into the bathroom, take off their underwear, put their clothes back on, reemerge and show him their undies.  (The students took off their clothes in a stall; the teacher waited outside the bathroom.)

The kids weren't exposed to the teacher, no kids were hurt, and nothing criminal took place. And yet, the teacher will only be allowed to do non-classroom activities for the rest of the year, and will then be let go in the summer.

One parent told KTVI she was "absolutely freaking livid," because what the teacher did embarrassed the kids.

Perhaps. But a firing offense?