Survey Seeks Input from Trans Folks in Missouri


If you're transgender in this country, there's a 41 percent chance you've attempted to kill yourself. And if you happen to live in Missouri, it's 50 percent -- half of trans people in Missouri reported suicide attempts.

This chilling fact sits among other appalling metrics for transgendered people in our state, next to the generally slightly less appalling statistics for the country at large.

In a wide-ranging study in 2011, the National Center for Transgender Equality and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force asked 6,450 trans people about their experiences with mental health, housing, finding jobs and a host of other issues. There were 128 respondents from Missouri.

The findings were upsetting enough to Robyn Carolyne Montague of TransHaven that she requested Missouri-specific numbers from the study. Those showed that people in Missouri who are trans have higher instances than trans people in the rest of the country of being bullied, homeless, living in poverty or being HIV-positive.

Armed with these alarming numbers, Montague and TransHaven decided to launch a study of their own, specific to the state of Missouri. Their survey looks to collect demographic data on trans people in the state. Results will be anonymous, but some data on where people are located will be collected.

This data will help TransHaven set its priorities for the year ahead, as well as giving the group an idea of where trans people are in the state and what services they need. It should go live today at

If you're trans, consider taking the survey to help shape policy in Missouri.