Forest Park's New Traffic Plan Runs Into the Ditch


What's so confusing about this? Never mind.
  • What's so confusing about this? Never mind.
Question: How do you spot a St. Louis tourist?

Answer: Check out the people waiting 40 minutes to enter Forest Park along Hampton Avenue. (Rookie move, people!)

After just two days of operation, St. Louis officials are changing a new traffic routing system through Forest Park that was supposed to ease flow at the park's Hampton Avenue entrance -- but instead led to ever more gridlock.

On Saturday, motorists waited 40 minutes to enter the park along Hampton Avenue as they navigated the new route which prohibited them from turning left into the zoo's paid parking lots. By mid-afternoon those $12-per-day lots -- a key revenue generator for the zoo -- sat mainly empty thanks to the new route.

So on Sunday, the park department said it would change the new route. Instead of pushing Hampton Avenue traffic away from the zoo from 9:30 a.m. 'til 2 p.m., the new plan will kick in only after the zoo lots are filled.

"We've decided to be a little more fluid in our approach to the new traffic relief plan," says park department boss, Gary Bess.