Manhole Covers Disappearing in East Boogie


Even these aren't safe. - IMAGE VIA
Too often we at Daily RFT just shake our heads at some new woe to have befallen East St. Louis. How about today's story reported by KSDK Channel 5: Somebody is stealing manhole covers from the city's south side.

Yes. The manhole covers. Even those are getting stolen.

But there's more.

Forget about the fact that some 50 are missing -- at about $450 a pop -- in a city whose school district decided yesterday to let go HALF of its teachers for lack of funds.

Here's the kicker: To warn citizens about gaping holes in the road, the city has put out those reflective, orange-barrel barriers. BUT SOMEBODY IS STEALING THOSE TOO.

As Jesse Walker, director of public works, told Channel 5:
"You put out a barricade and you cover the hole to let people know it's a danger and you come back the next day and the barricade is missing or thrown in the hole. It's been an ongoing problem."
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