Man Reaches Into New Bag of Potting Soil, Gets Bit by Copperhead Snake


Get this mf snake out of my mf potting soil bag - IMAGE VIA
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  • Get this mf snake out of my mf potting soil bag
You're bathed in the warm breath of spring, delighting in the joy of your garden, oh sunshine and love, and you tear open your fresh bag of potting soil and GET BIT BY A MOTHERF&%ING SNAKE.

That's what happened to Steven McGregor last spring, according the lawsuit he filed yesterday in federal court.

As McGregor tells it, he bought some Earthgro Potting Soil on May 29, 2010 at the Wal-Mart in House Springs, Missouri. He got it home and was scooping out the earthy contents when a copperhead inside the bag bit him on the right index finger.

McGregor "immediately began bleeding, and experienced burning and swelling to his elbow," the complaint reads, and "suffered pain and discomfort, which continues to this day."

McGregor claims his medical bills climbed to $90,000. Wowza!
Check out the lawsuit below.StevenMcGregorvScottsCompany