Dog Day Afternoon? Senate Floor Debate on Prop B Repeal Begins


If you've been following our coverage of the Legislature's efforts to gut/repeal the voter-approved ballot proposition that would crack down on Missouri dog breeders, Prop B, you'll know the debate is a fierce one. The Humane Society of the United States-backed initiative would will almost certainly put some dog breeders out of business -- and that's got rural state legislators of both parties up in arms.

After weeks of committee hearings on various bills to alter or gut Prop B, reports that today, for the first time, the discussion moves to the floor of the Senate.

The Senate floor leader, Tom Dempsey (R-St. Charles), told the website that he plans to devote the whole afternoon to the debate. He referred to it (somewhat ominously, we thought) as "Dog Day Afternoon." Dog Day Afternoon, after all, includes both a hostage situation and the sort of highly dramatic overacting that only Al Pacino's mother could love. We can only hope we won't be seeing either in Jeff City today. 

Dempsey, for the record, supports keeping "the heart of the bill" intact, reports