State Senator Wants to Screw Missouri's Unemployed, Teach Their Lazy Ass a Lesson


Lembke: Missouri's unemployed need to "quit stealing from their neighbors."
  • Lembke: Missouri's unemployed need to "quit stealing from their neighbors."
Just when we here at Daily RFT were warming up to state senator Jim Lembke for his fight against red-light cameras, the south St. Louis County Republican proved this week that he is out of control and needs to be stopped -- be it at traffic signals or his latest effort to screw Missouri's unemployed.

On Wednesday Lembke stalled passage of a perfunctory piece of legislation that would allow Missouri to accept $81-million in federal jobless benefits already approved by Congress. Lembke doesn't want Missouri's unemployed to get the money because he believes it will only add to the federal deficit. The thing is, if Missouri declines the aid, the money won't go back into the federal vault. Instead it will be dispersed to other states willing to take the funds.

Big deal, argues Lembke.

By declining the federal funds, Lembke hopes he can teach Missouri's lazy unemployed to quit robbing from taxpayers and finally get a job to support themselves. Or better yet, get two or three jobs now that his GOP colleagues want to lower Missouri's minimum wage.

"People need to get off their backsides and get a job," Lembke is quoted as saying this week in the Kansas City Star. "Maybe they'll have to get two jobs or three jobs to make ends meet, but they need to quit stealing from their neighbors."

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