Comment of the Day: Hair-Brained Reporting Offends Reader


Today's comment comes in response to my coverage of the police investigation and medical examination into the death of August Busch IV's girlfriend, Adrienne Martin.

In my reporting I make mention -- among other things -- of the autopsy description of Martin's pubic hair, or lack there of. Reader "Artie" did not take kindly to that and has gone on to leave -- at last count -- ten angry comments. It's the first of those that I highlight here:

You are a low life scum-bag!! There you go guessing again. I suggest you go back to journalism school and try to pay attention this time. Better yet, just find another line of work. I am personally starting a campaign to drive you out of town. We are all regular readers of the RFT. So who do you think your readers are? It's obvious that you don't have a clue about St.Louis or the culture here. We have compassion for people. We don't enjoy low-brow, sensationalism in our papers. You should stick to cyber-space for your juvenile rants and so-called reporting. Better yet, maybe you should just go away. You are part of the problem!!! A big part!! Oh,I almost forgot, you should start looking for a new job because every time you write something I'm going to right there just begging your boss to fire you!! There is no room around here for the likes of you!!!
P.S. Yes, Artie, I know it's harebrained.