Schemers Plead Guilty to Running Fake Document Lab



What's an illegal immigrant gotta do to get some false paperwork around here?

Evidently, it's become more difficult now that feds have busted a trio of St. Louis-based Mexicans operating a fake-document mill that would seem to rival Kinko's in one-stop-shopping efficiency.

Resident alien cards? Check. Social security cards? We've got those too. State driver's licenses? Si senior. Foreign driver's licenses? Coming right up.

Two of the accused lab owners -- Mauricio Aparicio-Gonzalez, 24; and Mauro Martinez-Espinosa, 23 -- pled guilty yesterday. (The third, Reinaldo Pereida, 49, pled guilty last week.) Sentencing is set for May.

According to the justice department, the three schemers weren't operating independently; they seem to be part of a national ring of fake-doc peddlers offering full service to illegal immigrants across the country.

Kinda cool that visitors can come in from across the border and immediately experience U.S. capitalism at its finest.