Mezzanine, Central West End Boutique, Moving to Maplewood


Mezzanine is moving to Maplewood. - COURTESY OF WWW.SHOPMEZZANINE.COM
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  • Mezzanine is moving to Maplewood.

Since 2003, Paul and Anna Spector have sold gorgeous women's clothing from Mezzanine, their 2,000-square-foot store on Euclid Avenue, just south of McPherson.

But on January 29, Mezzanine is closing its Euclid Avenue door for good -- and reopening the following Tuesday, February 1, at a new shop in Maplewood.

"We're hitting the 'refresh' button," Sutton told Daily RFT. "It's been a hard couple years for everyone, particularly in retail. We want to reintroduce ourselves to a new neighborhood."
The new shop, at 2741 Sutton Boulevard, is in Maplewood's arts district, just a stone's throw from the Hoffman LaChance Contemporary Gallery and the Maya Cafe. It's also, not coincidentally, closer to the Spectors' home, which is also in Maplewood.

Anna Spector says that was a factor, as was the new store's smaller footprint. "Size-wise, it's a little more manageable," she says.

She also expressed thanks to the neighbors that Mezzanine is leaving behind. "We still have a great affection for the neighborhood," she says. "We plan to continue to support it. It's still our favorite city neighborhood!"

You can visit the couple's website here. No word yet on what the landlord has in mind for the old storefront, which is between Left Bank Books and Mary Jane's; stay tuned for further details.