Remember When Judd Nelson Filmed SyFy Flick "The Black Hole" in St. Louis? We Don't.


An alert reader (with a lot of free time on his hands) informed Daily RFT that the film The Black Hole, starring Judd Nelson, played over the weekend on the SyFy Channel.

The 2006 made-for-TV movie was filmed in St. Louis and shows the Arch, Busch Stadium and City Hall getting destroyed when "a research experiment goes awry unleashing not only a big black hole but also a creature from beyond that feeds on electricity through the streets of this Midwest city!"

The movie used the Science Center's planetarium as the research center for nuclear physicist Eric Bryce, a.k.a. actor Judd Nelson.

Perhaps we were tunneling through a space vacuum of our own making at the time, but we sure don't recall this movie being filmed here. Do any of you?

Here's how describes one scene filmed at the Soldiers' Memorial downtown.
Soldiers Memorial is a World War I museum built during the Depression and so neglected that the elevators don't work. It is situated on Chestnut Street in downtown St. Louis, however, which is low-traffic yet double the width of other downtown streets, which means a movie company can show a rented helicopter landing in the middle of downtown without messing up local traffic too much.