Attention St. Louis Thugs: Do Not Follow This Man's Example


A good look until it backfires.
  • A good look until it backfires.
We know. We know. Placing a gun in your waistband can make you look really tough. Like this picture of Tupac here.

But placing a loaded weapon in your drawers also has its disadvantages, especially when it goes off accidentally, as one did yesterday on a St. Louis man.

Police report that the 22-year-old was trying to remove the gun from his waistband around 11 p.m. when it misfired, shooting him in the leg.

That's lesson No.1. But the victim also provides St. Louis wannabe thugs with another valuable lesson. Beware the company you keep.

In investigating the shooting, St. Louis police discovered that the victim had been hanging out with two convicted felons at the time of the shooting. What's more, the victim had three guns in his car. One of them was stolen, and another defaced so as to make it difficult to trace its ownership. As convicted felons, the victim's friends cannot possess weapons.

Police say those suspects are now in custody. The shooting victim, meanwhile, is in stable condition at the hospital.