Comment of the Day: Blame the Parents, Not the Ferret


Today's comment comes from -- you guessed it! -- "Ferretfan," writing in response to Chad Garrison's follow-up post about the infant whose fingers were devoured by one of the feisty rodents, "Missouri Ferret Attack Not Isolated Incident; Animals Known to Bite Babies."

Like many of today's commenters, Ferretfan has surprisingly little sympathy for the mutilated baby -- and none for his parents:

I have owned 11 ferrets and NONE, I repeat NONE would intentionally hurt anyone!!! I had 4 ferrets running around my house when my kids were born. The ferret should have been in a proper/escape proof cage. It's not hard. So many ignorant people - know nothing about ferrets. And why is the background of the picture blurry?? Was the ferret being squeezed to make it do that???? Stupid reporter!! Stupid article!!! I feel bad for the baby but the parents are to blame!! NOT the ferret!!

In conclusion: If a ferret eats your baby's hand, it is not the ferret's fault. Got that?