God Punished Missouri with Tornadoes, Says Westboro Baptist Church


The wingnuts with Rev. Fred Phelps' Westboro Baptist Church plan to picket tomorrow at noon outside the St. Charles County administrative building. The controversial Kansas-based church, best known for its "God's Hates Fags" message, is upset that county council members are trying to block its members from protesting at funerals.

On the Westboro website, the church suggests that God was trying to send a message to Show-Me State sinners through last week's tornadoes.

The Lord sent the whirlwind to Missouri on Dec. 31 and KILLED 4 people. The last woman to die from that act of God was from PHELPS county. THAT was NOT a coincidence! Take note! Heed the word you Missouri rebels. Continuing to stop the preachments of WBC will not go well for you.  YOUR God promised.  Read, enjoy, obey....