Pro Tip: Don't Use Your Gas Oven to Heat Your House!


Warming up via carbon monoxide ain't COsher. - IMAGE VIA
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  • Warming up via carbon monoxide ain't COsher.
Gets us nauseous just thinkin' on it.

Originally, the problem at Keisha Davis' house in Cahokia was that the furnace was broken. So on Sunday, the mother of four tried a little ingenuity: use the oven! But here's what happened, according to her interview with KSDK Channel 5 :
"My head started getting light headed. My boys' stomachs were hurting. My daughter was sitting at the table gagging. And about this time the carbon monoxide detector went off. So we just left immediately. Got the baby and we got out."
The clan spent the night in the hospital on oxygen. They're back home now. But bad news: the furnace is still broken.