Baby 'Roo At The Zoo Looks At You


Your Friday dose of excessive cuteness is brought to you today by Nokopo, an absurdly adorable joey (that's a baby kangaroo to you and me) at the St. Louis Zoo. Nokopo is a six-month-old Matschie's Tree Kangaroo, an endangered species native to mountainous rainforests in Papua New Guinea.

Like all 'roos and other marsupials, at birth she climbed out of the birth canal and spent many months snuggled away in her mother's pouch, growing from the size of a lima bean into the size of a small cat, according to the Zoo's Web site. Just recently, though, Nokopo has started peeking out from Mama's pouch and delighting patient zoo visitors who catch a peek. You can visit them at the zoo, or just check out this brain-breakingly cute vid that the zoo posted.

All together now: Awwww!!!