Spud Master or Bud Master? Potato-Chip Makers Sentenced for Marijuana


A Missouri man began serving a 60-day jail sentence yesterday, a year after police raided his home only to find 61 marijuana plants and 142 ounces of packaged pot.

Ed Pilla told authorities he was growing the marijuana in his Warren County home to pay off debts. Among his other endeavors, Pilla and his wife, Juli, owned and operated Spud Master Taste Sensations, a company that made potato chips undr the name ColossalChips. Juli Pilla was sentenced to 20 days in jail for her part in scheme.

The couple has since sold the potato-chip company. Perhaps even more improbable than a snack-food maker growing marijuana, is this: Ed Pilla now plans to write a book about healthy eating once he's out of jail.