Peek Into The Amazing, Rich Lives of Cats!


Friskies, the cat food division of local pet food purveyors Purina, has upped the internet-cat-cuteness game to dangerous levels with the release of a new video, "Cat Diaries: The First Ever Movie Filmed By Cats!"

It's about four minutes of video captured by 25 camera-equipped cats around the country, with two lil' guys reppin' the Lou, one from Galena and one from St. Joseph. Yes, they are referred to as rePURRters. And yes, this is perfectly fine and healthy and sane and not weird AT ALL.

Watch them scamper! See them knock shit over and head-bonk each other! Note the utterly adorable whiskers dangling into most every shot! You may want to avoid this if you have vertigo, a hangover or are otherwise dizziness-compromised. You are welcome.