Free Donkey, If You Want It


Get a load-a this piece of ass. PUN! - IMAGE VIA
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  • Get a load-a this piece of ass. PUN!
A lady out in Caseyville, Illinois has taken in a stray donkey, but can't afford to feed or "geld" (meaning "de-bro-ify") him. So "Hobo" the donkey needs a new owner.

Note: Hobo is truly a donkey. Daily RFT, fearing a bait-and-switch, was concerned he might've been an actual hobo.

What would you be getting yourself into by adopting this ass? The woman tells the Belleville News-Democrat:
"He gets along well with my horses," she said. "In fact, he may have bred with them." The product of that union would be a mule.
Revision of headline: "Free Horny Donkey, If You Want It; He Certainly Does; And That's a Joke About Donkey Lovin'"